Trade Results (February to April 2021)

Within February and April, we had the following results:

  • Total loss: $15,250 was lost (including virtual trading)
  • Total Profits: $198,965 (including virtual trading clients)

Virtual trading clients are clients who have $50,000 and above in their portfolio for us to manage. In virtual trading, you don’t have to send us your funds, we’ll trade remotely from your account and you pay us at the end of the month.

Full details below:


LightBlocks Trading History

LightBlocks consist of Dubai based Cryptocurrency traders who have years of experience in the blockchain and crypto market

Within the past 2 years, we have Managed well over $1 million in Standard and Virtual investments

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Lifestyle Investment Plan Explained.

With LightBlocks Lifestyle plan, you get a step closer to attaining financial freedom.


LightBlocks Lifestyle plan offers you a new option and an efficient way to pay your house rent without any hassle, by doing it the smart way, not the hard way.


With our lifestyle plan, you can invest just 50% of your annual house rent with us, 10 months prior to when it's due and be rest assured that we’ve got your rent covered for the next three years!


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